Local Touch, National Strength - Avant joins forces with Navacord

What is happening?

We have joined Navacord, Canada’s third largest brokerage. This partnership marks an exciting new chapter for our company and reinforces our commitment to delivering exceptional services to our clients while expanding our reach and capabilities. Navacord has a unique ownership model that allows entrepreneurial brokerages like ours to grow meaningfully without sacrificing our distinct identity and culture. We truly believe we can be even stronger, together.  

Navacord has partnered with over 60 independently operated brokerages across the country since they were founded in 2014 and employs over 2000 team members in a variety of different fields.  


Why did we choose to partner with Navacord?

At Avant Insurance, we have created a tremendous track record of growth and client support. We have always provided our clients with customized insurance and risk management solutions, and have been greatly successful thanks to our fantastic clients, and also because of our extremely loyal and dedicated team who put our clients first.

That being said, in order to further grow and scale our business—in away that benefits all of us—we arrived upon the opportunity to partner with a strong, nationally-backed firm. It was vital for us that this partner would share our values, and that our client and employee experience remained paramount to anything else.


Navacord is that partner for us, and will allow us to continue delivering the local touch and passion that our clients have come to expect from us, while also leveraging the strength of a nationally-backed firm.

We’ll have access to new markets, more products, services, investments, technology, career development, and referral opportunities. This partnership ultimately brings us the means to invest in Avant’s future. 

Joining Navacord allows us to bring the best of two worlds together, local touch and national strength.


So…What happens now?

Navacord has a decentralized approach, meaning we will operate our business as per usual. There are no changes to our methods, management, systems, schedules, or standards of operation. Nothing about Avant’s culture or who we are at our core is changing. I still remain the President & CEO and decision making still lies with me.

This also means we have the opportunity to collaborate with other brokers all across Canada. We can share expertise and best practices, and harness strengths and resources from partners from coast to coast. It also allows us to have local service partners for our clients with national locations.


Are there any leadership changes?

No. I, Cole Leitch, remain in charge as President & CEO. Diana Leitch stays in her role as Vice President of Administration and Nick Leitch maintains his role as Senior Vice President. Our management team also stays intact.


Staying Consistent to Serve You Better

 All of our locations will remain the same, with all hours the same. You can expect the same level of service from our team as you have always received.


Will our name/brand change?

Our name won’t change, although we will be slightly tweaking our colours in the coming months to align with the Navacord green colours.


How can I access service for my account?

The same way Just as you always have. Our dedicated team will continue to provide personalized, professional, expert service to our clients, always putting people before profits.


We are very excited to be the newest member of Navacord and look forward to assisting our clients with their goals. Thank you to all of our clients and insurer partners for their continued support of our family brokerage.


Cole H Leitch, CAIB

President & CEO

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