Family Owned and Operated

Let our family take care of your business and family insurance needs.

Cole Leitch

President and CEO

Cole Leitch has nearly 20 years of experience as an insurance broker, servicing clients with local, national, and international operations. Able to provide professional, personalized, service to a variety of industries, Cole has clients in construction, property management, manufacturing, and sports and entertainment.

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Cole Leitch

Nick Leitch has over 40 years of experience as an insurance broker. Having owned his own brokerage for over 15 years, and worked with large international insurance firms, Nick has the experience and knowledge to assist your business with their risk management program. Specializing in surety, commercial farming, manufacturing, processes and financial services, Nick has experience with large clients with international exposure.

Nick Leitch

Nick Leitch

Executive Vice-President

John Fehr Insurance

In 2017 Avant Insurance acquired John Fehr Insurance, a company that has more than 100 years of combined insurance experience. This acquisition allows us to provide our clients with an even deeper portfolio of best in class insurance solutions.

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Manitoba's Most Trusted Insurance Broker

Our knowledgable team will help you with a wide range of products and services specializing in commercial insurance, personal insurance and surety bonds.

Commercial Insurance
Commercial insurance is vital to the long-term security of your business in Western Canada. As experts, We provide coverage for property, general liability, professional liability, directors and officers, cyber risk, crime, course of construction, and many other risks associated with your business.
Personal Insurance
Providing VIP service, we offer home insurance across all areas in Western Canada, including specialty coverage for high valued homes, condo insurance, tenants insurance and seasonal insurance in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.
As a team of specialists in surety bonds with exceptional skill in hard to place and new bond contracts, we supply our clients in Western Canada with any type of bond they may need, including construction bonds, fidelity bonds and specialty bonds as may be required.

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