About Us

Our reputation and wealth of experience is what stands us apart from the rest of the insurance and risk consulting industry. Our professional team is here to help provide reliable advice and superior insurance programs to our clients.

Always keeping our client's best interests front and center.
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Independently Owned and Operated

We are a family-owned commercial and VIP home insurance specialist in Manitoba.

Concerned about the growing consolidation happening in the insurance industry, Cole Leitch and his father founded Avant Insurance in March 2016, recognizing a significant demand for a "100% independently owned Manitoba broker who specialized in commercial P&C insurance and surety." Since then, their business has grown to 3 offices and 20 staff.

Avant Insurance has been named Top Insurance Employer, and has been listed as a 5 Star Brokerage by Insurance Business Canada multiple times.

The Avant Advantage

The strategic advantages of Avant Insurance include:

Client Service Orientation

At Avant Insurance, we have an unyielding commitment to providing our clients with the best in Risk Management and Insurance Brokerage Services. Our role is ultimately to represent and advise our clients. While we are our clients' conduit to the insurance industry, when placing an insurance program, we work for our clients — we do not work for the insurers. Unlike the majority of our competitors, Avant Insurance Brokers Ltd. is independently owned, with no ownership or commitment to any insurer, bank, or international entity — a very rare occurrence in the current insurance marketplace.

Knowledge and Reputation

Avant Insurance has carefully assembled a knowledgeable team of highly qualified and skilled professionals who are passionate about client service and finding the “yes” in any situation. Our growing team continues to win awards for client service.

Best Execution in the Industry

Avant Insurance is committed to being on time and on budget, without mistakes. Account Executives at Avant Insurance will not be forced to manage client loads that put inappropriate pressure on their ability to deliver superior service to our clients. As a result, clients get the attention they deserve.

Access to Markets

Success in the placement of an insurance program depends on being able to access a full range of insurers and insurance products, both nationally and internationally. Avant Insurance has cultivated relationships with virtually all the major insurance companies available in Canada, guaranteeing the best access to markets available. The result is a more competitive marketplace and generally reduced insurance costs.

Agile and Aggressive

As we are not owned by any insurers or outside interests, our firm can make quick strategic and tactical decisions without bureaucratic delay and — most importantly—on the basis of our customers' best interest. We like to know who our client is — they’re more than just a policy number.


Our decision-making authority resides in the hands of Cole Leitch. Your team leader assumes full responsibility for client satisfaction and will ensure you receive the services and resources to meet our commitments regarding your program.

Our Experience

Avant Insurance's origins go back to 1994 when the Leitch family first owned a commercial insurance brokerage. Since that time, we have cultivated relationships with both the top insurers and the key people at those insurers to ensure our clients receive the best possible service. Our experience and reputation as top-notch commercial insurance brokers has allowed us to recruit some of the best minds in the insurance industry to work at Avant.

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