Embarking on the insurance claim process can be daunting, but it's an essential step to recoup losses after an unexpected incident. Our guide aims to simplify the process to ensure you're equipped with the knowledge to navigate insurance claims effectively.

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What to do when you experience a claim?


Ensure Safety

The most important thing is your safety and well-being. First, aim to protect yourself and others from any further harm and reach out to the fire department, police or other medical services if necessary.


Reduce the Risk

If it's safe for you to do so, try to minimize any additional damage to your property. For instance, you might need to turn off the water or power. If you're unsure, don't hesitate to contact the relevant authorities or utility companies (like gas or electric) who will be able to talk you through what needs to be done to safeguard your property.


Take Photos or Videos

Once you are able, try to document the situation through photos or videos. Please make sure to keep any evidence related to your claim and not dispose of anything just yet.


Report the Claim

When you're ready, please report your claim to our team — we’re here to help you gather the necessary information and walk you through your claim to make this difficult time as easy as possible. You can reach Avant Insurance at 204-989-7000 during our regular office hours, or use the numbers provided for emergency claims outside of these times.


Don’t be Quick on Promises

Please refrain from accepting responsibility or promising payment in situations where someone else is suggesting you’re responsible for an injury or property loss. Let them know that your insurer will be in contact with them soon.


Non-Emergency Claims

Even for non-emergency claims, it's essential for our team to be informed as quickly as possible. Please get in touch with our office on the next business day, and we'll guide you through the appropriate next steps.

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After Hours Emergency Claims Numbers

MPI: 1-204-985-7000
Wawanesa Insurance: 1-844-929-2637
Intact Insurance: 1-866-464-2424
Red River Insurance: 1-844-324-4269
Avant Insurance After Hours Emergency Claims Line (All Other Insurance Companies):

After your claim is reported to the insurance company

After we report the claim to the insurance company, the claims adjuster will:

  • Contact you to discuss the incident and obtain information about how the loss occurred. You will be required to sign a proof of loss form with the details.
  • Deal directly with any other parties involved.
  • Assist you with your choice of contractor to make repairs, if applicable.
  • Discuss settlement options with you.

Keep in contact with us about the progress. We are here for you and are your advocate during this difficult time. If you are unhappy with the result of the claim or with the process along the way, we can help get things back on track.

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